EXPECT MORE WITH ETHAN LAVAL: Full Attention from Listing to Sale!

When listing a property for sale, one of the most common apprehensions homeowners face is whether their agent will remain as attentive post-listing as they were in securing it.

Rosemarie Haucke’s experience with Ethan Laval, a real estate agent from Mackay City Property, is a testament to what exceptional agent engagement should look like, setting a new standard in client-agent relationships.

Reflecting on her initial concerns, Rosemarie said, “Agents are very attentive when trying to get your listing. And, in some cases, my experience has been as soon as they’ve got the listing. It’s like they disappear into the woodwork.”

This sentiment echoes a common frustration among property sellers, where the initial enthusiasm of an agent wanes once the listing is secured.

However, her experience with Ethan Laval was remarkably different. Rosemarie’s response sheds light on Ethan’s exceptional approach.

“I guess that’s one of the things I thought about at the start once I signed the listing agreement. Will I hear from him again, and what will happen next?” She mused. The anxiety of being left in the dark is a common concern for many sellers.

Ethan, however, stands out for his consistent communication.

“Ethan was one of those people that anything that happened, anything that moved, any conversation he had, anything that cropped up at all. He was in touch straight away. Whether it be by text, whether it be by phone or email, he was in touch straight away.” Rosemarie highlighted.

This level of responsiveness is not just about relaying information; it’s about instilling the client’s confidence and peace of mind.

Rosemarie’s experience illustrates the impact of Ethan’s dedication to keeping her informed.

“And that probably settled me down to confirm that I had gone with the right people. In that, the response was timely,” she added.

This reassurance, stemming from Ethan’s timely updates, exemplifies the trust and security every property seller seeks from their agent.

Ethan Laval’s work ethic post-listing is a beacon of commitment and reliability in the real estate industry.

His proactive approach to communication, ensuring that every update, big or small, is promptly shared, sets him apart.

This form of consistent follow-up with a vendor is unfortunately not that common.

Many homeowners who have listed with other agents, before coming over to Mackay City Property, report that no sooner had they listed their home, their agent rarely made contact, which was why they transferred their listing to the Mackay City Property sales team.

YouTube: Rosemarie shares Ethan’s approach to consistently keeping in touch.

For anyone considering selling their property, Ethan Laval’s attentive, responsive, and trustworthy approach makes him an exemplary choice, guaranteeing not just a transaction but a stress-free and informed experience. Are you thinking of selling your Mackay property? Then contact Ethan Laval today on 0455 729 781.

So your agent has your property listed, how often are they in touch with you?

Rosemarie Haucke shares her experience as a client with agent Ethan Laval in this interview, awarding him with the ultimate 5-star review.

A refreshing professional experience.

Ethan was an exceptionally professional person in all aspects of the journey. He listened to and respected what we had to say. Always available when we needed to contact him, or at least within minutes of doing so.

Communication was amazing – keeping us informed of everything along the way.

Advice on marketing, legals, the process and all other matters which entered the sale transaction was given in a ‘non-pushy’ manner and was invaluable to time-poor remote people such as us.

Ethan well understood the situation we were in and had solutions to any obstacles that arose working with us around timelines, our expectations of the sale price, communication with the buyer, and marketing strategy. Many times it was Ethan who took my stress away, giving me the confidence the sale of the property was in competent hands.

The resources and tools Ethan had to back him in his representation of us as vendors were superb. At no stage did I question our decision to engage Ethan to handle the sale of our family home.

Yes, Ethan is young but his age belies his conduct. Ratemyagent

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