Fred Dubois: The Epitome of Excellence in Commercial Real Estate in Mackay


In commercial real estate, where success hinges on precision, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to clients, Fred Dubois stands as an exemplary figure. With a remarkable career spanning over three decades, Fred has earned his place as one of Mackay’s most distinguished Commercial Property Specialists.

A relentless pursuit of excellence has defined Fred’s journey in the commercial real estate industry. His dedication to his craft has shaped the commercial real estate landscape in Mackay and garnered him the trust and respect of clients and peers alike. Fred’s legacy is marked by a series of achievements that have redefined the region’s commercial real estate services standards.

One of Fred’s standout qualities is his ability to navigate complex and multifaceted transactions with finesse. His depth of knowledge in commercial real estate is unmatched, allowing him to provide clients with insightful guidance in an ever-evolving real estate market. Fred’s strategic thinking and problem-solving skills have been pivotal in securing successful client deals.

Fred's Remarkable Sales and Leases

Fred’s portfolio of accomplishments includes a multitude of remarkable sales and leases, including multiple million and multi million dollar commercial sales, each a testament to his expertise. While specific sales amounts remain confidential, the impact of these transactions speaks for itself:

January 2023 - March 2023

  • Archibald St
  • Connors Rd
  • Mills Ave
  • Boundary Rd

Additionally, Fred secured four leases during this period.

April 2023 - June 2023

  • Fred Dubois, in conjunction with Ethan Laval, facilitated the sale of 2 Aura St in the residential sector
  • Accompanying this accomplishment were four leases

July 2023 - September 2023 (To Date)

  • A remarkable achievement during this period was the swift sale of Ginger St in four weeks from listing to settlement, an unusual feat in the commercial property market in Mackay.
  • Crichton Rd, showcasing Fred’s prowess even in transactions with typical two-year sale periods.
  • Transport Ave experienced a swift turnaround, another testament to Fred’s efficiency.

Furthermore, Fred successfully secured six leases.

Fred’s influence extends far beyond his transactions; he’s a respected figure within the industry. His insights are sought after, and his expertise has been instrumental in shaping Mackay’s commercial real estate landscape. Fred’s leadership qualities are evident in his ability to adapt to market trends and anticipate future developments.

Wrapping Up

As we celebrate Fred Dubois’ remarkable career and his invaluable contributions to the commercial real estate sector, it’s clear that his legacy is one of excellence. His achievements, both in terms of transactions and client relationships, serve as a testament to his outstanding professionalism and dedication.

Fred is not just a Commercial Property Specialist; he is a visionary who has left an indelible mark on Mackay’s commercial real estate scene. His commitment to excellence, unmatched expertise, and client-focused approach make him an exceptional asset to the industry and a trusted partner for those seeking success in commercial real estate.

Ready to embark on your commercial real estate journey with a trusted real estate expert? Contact Fred Dubois at 0432 485 143 today to explore your investment opportunities and experience the excellence that has defined a legacy in Mackay’s real estate landscape. Don’t miss the chance to work with the best—reach out now and take the first step toward your real estate success.


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