What’s the difference between a Buyer's Agent, Manager or Liaison?


New terms and roles are constantly emerging in the dynamic real estate industry. Among them, buyers agents, buyer managers, and buyer liaisons have gained attention. This article will delve into the definitions of these roles and discuss their relevance in the real estate Mackay industry.

Understanding Buyer’s Agents, Buyer Managers, and Buyer Liaisons in Real Estate

Buyer’s Agents

A buyers agent is a licensed real estate professional appointed to represent and assist buyers throughout the property purchase process. They act as advocates for buyers, working exclusively on their behalf. A fiduciary relationship is established when a buyer appoints a buyer’s agent, and the agent is legally obligated to act in the buyer’s best interests.

The primary responsibilities of a buyer’s agent include:

  1. Understanding and executing the buyer’s instructions regarding property preferences: Buyer’s agents work closely with you to understand their specific property preferences, such as location, size, amenities, and budget. They can effectively search for suitable properties by understanding their client’s needs.
  2. Locate suitable properties for their client’s consideration: Once the buyer’s agent has identified the buyer’s preferences, they conduct a comprehensive search for properties that align with their criteria. This includes analysing market listings, conducting property viewings, and evaluating potential properties based on the buyer’s requirements.
  3. Provide Expert Advice: Buyer’s agents provide valuable guidance to buyers throughout the purchasing process. They offer their expertise on market conditions, property valuations, and negotiation strategies to help buyers make informed decisions.
  4. Contract Negotiation: When a buyer identifies a property of interest, the buyer’s agent takes charge of negotiating the contract on behalf of the buyer. They strive to secure the best possible terms and conditions, protecting the buyer’s interests throughout the negotiation process.

It’s important to note that buyers’ agents charge a fee for their services. This fee structure varies and can be a flat fee, a percentage of the purchase price, or another agreed-upon arrangement. The buyer typically pays the fee upon successful completion of the purchase.

Buyer Managers/Liaisons

When providing exceptional service to buyers, sales offices are increasingly turning to buyer managers and liaisons. These dedicated professionals play a crucial role in offering valuable assistance and support throughout the sales process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for buyers. Let’s explore their responsibilities and the benefits they bring to the table.

Sales offices employ buyer managers and liaisons to address inquiries and concerns regarding specific properties or purchasing processes. They serve as knowledgeable resources, readily available to provide buyers with the information and guidance to make informed decisions. Whether it’s answering questions about property features, explaining the intricacies of the sales process, or addressing any other concerns, these professionals are there to offer personalised assistance.

Typically, a buyer’s manager or liaison is not directly hired by the buyer to provide services. Still, they are a resource available to buyers when they purchase a property listed with a sales agent from the same office. The buyer is usually not responsible for any fees associated with this type of assistance.

While buyer managers and liaisons provide valuable support, it’s crucial to understand that they do not have a legal relationship with the buyer. This means they don’t hold fiduciary obligations or formal legal obligations to the buyer. Instead, they assist and guide buyers throughout the process, acting as a helpful intermediary between buyers and sales agents within the office.

Buyer managers and liaisons offer a wide range of services to facilitate a seamless buying experience. They assist buyers in navigating the sales process by helping with paperwork, documentation, and scheduling property viewings. They also provide valuable insights into market trends, local amenities, and neighbourhood characteristics, empowering buyers to make well-informed decisions. Additionally, they coordinate communication between buyers and sales agents within the office, ensuring that all parties stay informed and connected.

For sales offices that provide buyer manager or liaison services, setting clear expectations with buyers is crucial. Buyers should understand that these professionals are present to provide support and assistance only. While they offer valuable guidance, they do not have any formal legal obligations or fiduciary duties to the buyer. Clear communication from the outset helps buyers recognise the role of buyer managers and liaisons and ensures transparency throughout the process.

In cases where a buyer requires dedicated representation in a purchase transaction, sales agents may recommend engaging a licensed buyer’s agent. Buyer’s agents are specifically trained to act as representatives for buyers, advocating for their best interests throughout the buying process. By referring buyers to licensed buyer’s agents, sales agents can ensure that buyers receive comprehensive services and specialised representation tailored to their unique needs.


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Our knowledgeable staff will work closely with you to understand your preferences, locate suitable properties, provide expert advice, and negotiate contracts on your behalf. Trust Mackay City Property to be your trusted partner in the real estate journey.


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