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Exploring the Rental Market in Mackay, Queensland

Located in Queensland, Australia, Mackay is a vibrant and picturesque city with a population exceeding 100,000. Renting in Mackay has proven to be challenging due to factors such as high demand, limited supply, and a competitive rental market. However, with the proper knowledge and preparation, prospective renters can navigate the rental landscape successfully.

Why People are Choosing Mackay as their Home

Mackay is a popular tourist destination and an attractive place to call home. Its growing economy, abundant employment opportunities, and appealing lifestyle make it a sought-after location for individuals and families alike. The city boasts stunning natural landscapes, including beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and the iconic Great Barrier Reef. Additionally, Mackay’s favourable climate, vibrant arts, and cultural scene, and strong sense of community contribute to its appeal as a residential destination.

Explore our guide on 6 things to consider When looking for Rental Property in Mackay to embark on your journey in this remarkable city.

Understanding Vacancy Rates in Mackay

Vacancy rates play a crucial role in assessing the rental market’s dynamics and the availability of rental properties. Vacancy rates have been declining in Mackay, indicating a tightening rental market. The vacancy rate for the 2023 period in the Mackay region was recorded at 0.53%, significantly lower than the previous year’s rate of 2.8%. This decrease in vacancy rates reflects the high demand for rental properties and the limited supply in the market.

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Average Rent per Week for Homes and Units

When considering renting in Mackay, it’s essential to understand the average rental prices. The average weekly rent for houses and units in Mackay varies depending on location, size, and property features. As of 2023, the average weekly rent for a home in Mackay is approximately $500, while the average rent for a unit is around $500. These rental prices in Mackay are relatively lower than the national average, making it an appealing choice for renters seeking affordability without compromising quality of life.

Evaluating Mackay Wages vs. Rental Costs

Understanding the relationship between wages and rental costs is crucial in assessing affordability for prospective renters. In Mackay, the average annual income for individuals exceeds $60,000, which translates to approximately $800 per week. However, it’s important to note that specific industries, such as mining and professional sectors, offer higher salaries, potentially reaching six figures. This higher income range attracts professionals to the region and contributes to Mackay’s overall economic growth and prosperity.

Preparing Your Rental Application

A well-prepared rental application can significantly increase your chances of securing a desired rental property in Mackay. Gather all necessary documents and information in advance to ensure a smooth application process. This typically includes proof of income, identification documents, references from previous landlords or employers, and personal references. Having these documents readily available demonstrates your preparedness and reliability as a tenant.

Here’s our Tips on How to Make Your Rental Application Stand Out

Utilising Online Application Systems

In the digital age, online rental application systems have become increasingly popular and convenient for renters and real estate agents. The 1Form system is widely used in Mackay, allowing prospective tenants to apply for multiple properties using a single form. This streamlined process saves time and effort for both applicants and agents, ensuring a more efficient rental application process.

Top Tips for Successful Rental Applications

When searching for a rental property in Mackay, consider implementing the following tips to increase your chances of success:

  1. Get In touch: By getting in touch on the Mackay City Property, you can save properties of interest, receive updates on new rentals in preferred neighbourhoods, and directly contact listing agents for additional information.
  2. Gather proof of income: Ensure you have recent pay slips or employment contracts as evidence of your income stability and ability to meet rental obligations.
  3. Prepare personal references: Personal references can vouch for your character, reliability, and ability to maintain a property. Consider contacting previous landlords, employers, or reputable individuals who can speak positively about you as a tenant.
  4. Maintain a good tenancy history: A solid rental history, including timely rent payments, responsible tenancy, and effective communication with landlords, enhances your desirability as a tenant.

Renting with a Pet

In the ever-evolving landscape of pet ownership, a novel trend has emerged that aims to bridge the gap between responsible pet guardianship and property management: the pet resume. With Australia’s high pet ownership rates ranking among the highest worldwide, it’s no surprise that innovative solutions are being sought to address the challenges that come with housing pets in rental properties.

This shift has been further fuelled by recent changes in tenancy laws, which have highlighted the need to find amicable solutions for both renters and landlords. The pet resume, a concept gaining traction, offers a holistic view of a pet’s behaviour, training, and health history, providing landlords with valuable insights into the prospective tenant’s furry companion. Just as a traditional job resume showcases an applicant’s qualifications and experiences, a pet resume outlines a pet’s obedience training, vaccination records, and even references from previous landlords or trainers. Here’s our guide on Renting with Pets in Mackay.

This emerging practice not only helps renters find pet-friendly accommodations more easily but also demonstrates the responsibility and dedication of pet owners to potential landlords. As pet-friendly rental options become increasingly sought after, understanding the nuances of the pet resume phenomenon could prove to be a valuable tool for both property managers and pet enthusiasts alike.

Pet Resume

Exploring Mackay's Suburbs for Rental Opportunities

Mackay offers a variety of suburbs, each with unique characteristics and rental opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at two popular suburbs to rent in Mackay:

North Mackay Rentals

North Mackay is a sought-after location due to its proximity to the CBD and various amenities. As of June 2023, limited rental properties are available in North Mackay, with only 11 remaining on the market. Rental options range from affordable 1-bedroom units starting at $265 per week to larger homes with over $1,000 per week rental prices.

West Mackay Rentals

West Mackay is known for its potential for renovations, which can make finding rental properties challenging. Its convenient location near the Mackay Base Hospital makes it particularly appealing to healthcare professionals or individuals working in the CBD or mining sector. Despite the limited availability, West Mackay offers a range of rental options suitable for various budgets and preferences.

Rights and Responsibilities when Renting in Mackay

It’s essential to understand the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and property owners/managers when entering into a rental agreement in Mackay. 

Some fundamental rules to keep in mind include the following:

Tenants must:

  • Pay rent on time.
  • Maintain cleanliness and leave the property in the same condition as when they moved in, considering fair wear and tear.
  • Adhere to the terms of the tenancy agreement.
  • Respect neighbours’ right to quiet.

Property owners/managers must:

  • Ensure the property is clean, vacant, and in good repair at the beginning of the tenancy.
  • Respect tenant privacy and comply with entry requirements.
  • Carry out necessary repairs and maintenance.
  • Comply with all health and safety laws.
  • Lodge the rental bond with the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA).


Renting a property in Mackay presents challenges, but prospective renters can secure their ideal home armed with knowledge and preparedness. By understanding vacancy rates, average rent prices, and the significance of an excellent rental history, individuals can confidently navigate the competitive rental market in Mackay. Should you require assistance or guidance throughout the rental process, don’t hesitate to contact Mackay City Property, where our team of professionals can provide valuable support and expertise.


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