Top 10 Reasons to Move to Mackay - Why move to Mackay, QLD


Choosing the city where you’ll plant your family roots or start afresh is a monumental decision. Australia boasts several thriving cities, and if you’re seeking a place to truly call home, Mackay, Queensland, is your optimal choice. Here are the top 10 reasons why Mackay stands out:

1. The Climate

Living in Mackay boasts a lot of benefits, one of these is having a tropical climate with enjoyable weather throughout the year. Positioned on the northeastern coast, the region welcomes refreshing afternoon sea breezes, providing relief during summer. The south-eastern winds and fresh easterlies contribute to cooler summer temperatures. Even winters are pleasant, offering warm days and cool nights.

2. Natural Attractions

Mackay beckons nature enthusiasts with incredible attractions. Cape Hillsborough, a rainforest-covered national park, is home to diverse wildlife, including Agile Wallabies and Eastern Grey Kangaroos. The Pioneer Valley offers breathtaking views of emerald green lowlands, while magnificent waterfalls and excellent fishing spots are minutes away.

3. Growing Job Market

With the fastest-growing economy in regional Queensland, Mackay boasts a flourishing job market. Recent data indicates significant job creation across mining, health care, retail, construction, agribusiness, logistics, and tourism, leading to an unemployment rate well below the state average.

4. New Developments

Ongoing developments enhance Mackay’s liveability. The Mackay Aquatic Recreation Complex (ARC), a $23.7 million facility, offers world-class sporting venues. The Mackay Waterfront Priority Development Area aims to rejuvenate the waterfront, bringing endless opportunities.

5. Schools, Support Services, and Childcare

Mackay prioritises education, with a $40 million budget for new and enhanced school facilities. Renowned schools like Fitzgerald State School, Victoria Park State School, and Mackay Central State School will benefit from progressive learning spaces, all within minutes of residential communities.

6. Booming Tourism

Boasting a 15.2% growth in employment and a $380 million contribution to the economy in 2018, tourism fuels Mackay’s unprecedented economic and career growth. Constant improvements to natural and artificial attractions sustain this growth, providing potential job opportunities.

7. Sustainable Infrastructure

Mackay Regional Council invests significantly in sustainable infrastructure projects to accommodate the growing economy and population. Expansion projects include the Paget Industrial Zone, Ooralea, and the Northern Beaches, contributing to increased property values in the future.

8. Family Activities

Mackay offers many family-friendly activities, from scenic camping spots near Cape Palmerston National Park to the Blue Water Lagoon water park, Mackay Regional Botanical Gardens, and Artspace Mackay.

9. Beautiful Beaches

Mackay’s stunning white-sand beaches, including Harbour Beach, Town Beach, Dolphin Heads, Bucasia Beach, and Lamberts Beach, offer swimming, fishing, boating, and whale-watching opportunities. Adjacent parks with picnic areas and barbecues add to the appeal.

10. Lower House Prices

Mackay’s stunning white-sand beaches, including Harbour Beach, Town Beach, Dolphin Heads, Bucasia Beach, and Lamberts Beach, offer swimming, fishing, boating, and whale-watching opportunities. Adjacent parks with picnic areas and barbecues add to the appeal.


In conclusion, Mackay is an ideal destination for those seeking a vibrant community, diverse opportunities, and a high quality of life. Consider this guide as your starting point to explore the best of what Mackay offers.

Mackay Suburbs - A to Z

Here is a list of the primary suburbs that encompass the City of Mackay:

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